Level 10, Bitches. Pathfinder, 15 Point Buy. No Synthesist.

And by level 10, I actually mean “ECL10 party.” So if we get six, I’ll make it level 9, and if we just get 3, I’ll make it level 11. And so on.


Just so you know what you’re getting into, this campaign will NOT be easy. I’m not giving a fuck about recommended encounters per day and a boss might not technically be “CR appropriate.” If you are a wizard, you will probably be using all your good spells and trying to ration them and such. Don’t worry, I’m not insane, my A&M party has played these adventures at the same level and they only died a little. I’m pretty sure you guys can even do better.

Since the campaign STARTS at level 10, don’t just build for level 10, because you can easily expect to get past level 14-15 in this campaign depending on how long it goes for.


Oh yeah, and this starts AFTER Cory finishes his thing. Game is Thursdays once/week. Starts at 8:30 Pm central (Texas Time) and ends whenever we have to end (I prefer to end around 2:30 AM texas time so I can get up for work, but I can end earlier or even later if that’s what everyone wants.) We’ll be using Roll20.net which is, from what I can tell, extremely awesome and almost as good as actually being there (though nothing can truly replace it.)

The Dead North